• Description GEARKOTE is a highly viscous asphalt-based gear lubricant enhanced with extreme pressure (EP) additive.
  • Properties • When applied, Gearkote leaves a thick film, which protects the lubricated surface from corrosion and rust
    • Provides long lasting protection and minimizes lubrication costs due to its highly adhesive properties
  • Application Big open gears, wire ropes, large open chains and sprockets such as those found in mining and construction equipment and other types of machinery.
  • Grade ISO VG 3K, 22K and 68K
  • Type/Quality Level Asphalt-based lubricant
  • Available Package • Bulk
    •  200-liter drum
    •  18-liter pail
  • Typical Characteristics
      3k 22k 68k
    Specific Gravity at 15.6°C  0.9889 0.9966 1.0022
    Flash Point, COC, °C 230  228 232
    Color, Visual  Black Black Black
    Viscosity at 40 °C, cSt 3215  21411 71000