Hydrotur AW (GT)

  • Description

    HYDROTUR AW (GT) is a highly advanced turbine oil designed to meet the most severe demands of today’s gas turbines. It meets the requirements of most gas turbines such as:

    • GEC/Alsthom
    • Abex-Denison HF-O
    • Vickers VM-2950-S
    •  Cincinnati Milacron P-68, P-69, P-70
    • Rexnord
    • Commercial Shearing

  • Properties • Contains high performance anti-wear additives for maximum durability and efficiency of equipment • Exhibits excellent water tolerance and hydrolytic stability preventing rust and corrosion of metal parts
  • Application • Recommended for gas turbines
    • Can also be used for high speed, high pressure hydraulic circuits containing any combination of pumps operating at maximum output and other turbines and compressor circulating systems
  • Grade ISO VG 32 and 46
  • Available Package •  200-liter drum
    •  18-liter pail