Hydrotur T

  • Description HYDROTUR T is a versatile, circulating oil manufactured from highly refined base oils of turbine grade quality and additives that control rusting, provide additional oxidation stability, inhibit foaming, and exhibit excellent demulsibility.
  • Properties • Meets international standards of oxidation stability, anti-rust property and performance
    • Formulations are compatible with sealing materials used in hydraulic systems
  • Application • Recommended (ISO VG 32, 46 and 68) for steam turbines manufactured by GEC Alsthom, Hitachi/Marubeni, JBE (John Brown Engineering), Mitsui, ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) and Rumania
    • Can also be used for turbochargers, compressors, hydraulic systems and plain/anti-friction bearings
  • Grade ISO VG 32, 46, 68
  • Type/Quality Level

    Premium quality circulating oil

  • Available Package •  200-liter drum
    •  18-liter pail