Petrokut 10

  • Description PETROKUT 10 is a low viscosity cutting oil containing a special blend of additives and anti-oxidant to provide oxidation stability and extended oil service life.  It is designed for use in deep-hole boring and threading operations where cutting fluid transparency is needed for good metalworking visibility.  It also exhibits non-staining characteristics, giving a high degree of surface finish.
  • Properties • Exhibits non-staining characteristics
    • Gives superior surface finish and prolongs tool life
    • Provides high degree of chemical activity important in cutting alloys in such operations as deep-hole boring and threading
  • Application Transparent cutting fluid for machining operation
  • Grade ISO VG 10
  • Type/Quality Level Straight (non-emulsifiable) cutting oil
  • Available Package •  200-liter drum
    •  18-liter pail