To be the leading fuel distributor in the country

To realize this vision, we aim to take full advantage of our current standing in the league of fuel distribution companies, and benefit from the market opportunity before us. In so doing, we act synchronously in strengthening our logistics, increasing our efficiencies, and equipping our people.

Concurrent with this vision are our missions in five aspects of our operations.

  • To supply our customers with quality products at the lowest possible cost, in perfect timing with no delays
  • To grow our business as our supplier grows theirs, perform according to their standards, and help them increase their market share
  • To give our stockholders the best value for their investment
  • To provide our people the best possible remuneration package, help them improve their lives, and become efficient and competitive
  • To help the industrial community achieve their desired efficiencies and profits so that they can achieve a level of competitiveness in the global market